New Foods Debuting at the 2013 Oklahoma State Fair

August 19, 2013 |

We’ve added more than 20 new unique foods to the Fair Food line-up this year. If you are into delicious, one-of-a-kind grub then there’s only one place to be September 12 thru 22 - the 2013 Oklahoma State Fair.

Try not to salivate while reading:

Bacon Bloody Mary – A Bloody Mary is a great way to relax, but Roadhouse Concessions has found a way to make it even more relaxing – bacon. Must be 21 to purchase.

Bacon Explosion Sandwich – This sandwich is the Holy Grail of pork: bacon, sausage, and BBQ sauce carefully rolled together by hand and then smoked to make a decadent sandwich. Pick one up at Porky’s.

Bacon Wrapped Caramel Apple – Who wouldn’t love a caramel apple covered in bacon? Try it at Rodney and Lisa LTD, LLC because you’ll have to eat it to believe it.

Bacon-Wrapped Corndog – Everything is better with bacon.  Trust us – we are food experts. Available at Diventuri Concessions.

BBQ Pulled Pork & Dog – Tailgator Toby has taken a classic Fair Food, the jumbo hotdog, and covered it with BBQ pulled pork and cheddar cheese.

BBQ Nacho Pie – The classic nacho is now being offered with ¼ lb. beef or pork with a variety of toppings this year. Available at Tailgator Toby.

Cinna Burger – If you love breakfast for dinner, then add the Cinna Burger from Sweet Shop to your Fair Food list. The sinful Cinna Burger is cinnamon roll split in half with a burger and all the toppings in the middle.

Cheesy Bacon Bombs - Pepper jack cheese, covered in light biscuit dough, wrapped in bacon and deep fried until the melted cheese starts to explode out of the dough? Yeah, these bites are going to be the bomb. Five to an order at Fire & Ice Concessions.

Cookie Dough Parfait – This decadent treat combines two of our favorite desserts into one. Cool off with one from Aunt Edmoe’s Cookies.

Crawfish Enchiladas – Just about everyone loves enchiladas. Why not try the new crawfish enchiladas that are being offered this year at the Cajun Krew booth?

Deep-Fried Artichokes – Layne Concessions discovered a match made in heaven: deep-fried artichokes with butter wine sauce.

Deep-Fried B-B-Gater On-A-Stick – Step up to Tailgator Toby’s and order BBQ brisket, pulled pork or chicken wrapped in a tortilla topped with signature sauce and cheese and then deep-fried and served on-a-stick.

Deep-Fried Butter On-A-Stick - This treat, created by Diventuri Concessions, has it all: butter, cinnamon, sugar, dough, and a stick!

Deep-Fried Philly Cheese Steak – Deep-fried Philly steak, peppers, onions and cheese? It’s the best way to serve a sandwich if you ask us. Available at Granny’s Concessions.

Deep-Fried Ribs - Deep-fried ribs, available at The Roadhouse and Layne Concessions, are exactly what they sound like – and that’s exciting.

Deep-Fried Watermelon - We don’t know what kind of magic was involved when Porky’s created this new Fair Food but we do know that it will be served with a marshmallow cream sauce.

Giant Cream Puff – Coco Flow is going big this year with a giant puff filled with chocolate and topped with bacon.

PBJ Burger & Pancake Burger – Porky’s, the concessionaires who introduced Oklahomans to the doughnut burger a few years ago, have created two new must-try burgers. The PB&J Burger is a half-pound burger topped with peanut butter, bacon and jalapeno; the Pancake Burger is a burger topped with bacon, cheese, a fried egg, syrup and served between two pancakes.

Wild Boar Kabob - The Wild Boar Kabob at Fire & Ice Concessions (AKA The Bacon Habit) will offer bacon lovers a chance to try something new: WILD BACON.

Whew! That's a lot of new Fair Foods to choose from.  If you are interested in sampling some of these new offerings and some old favorites, keep your eyes open for details on our Annual Fair Food Fanatic Contest (a chance to earn a spot on the Great Taste of a Fair judging panel). 

Rumor has it that details and an entry form will be posted on the blog later this week... 

This page updated on August 19, 2013