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Barnyard Birthing Center

Oklahoma Expo Hall

The Barnyard Birthing Center allows Fairgoers the opportunity to learn about animal husbandry including the birthing process, as well as veterinary science and responsible pet ownership. The Birthing Center serves as a gateway to the livestock, horse and other agricultural events taking place at the State Fair. Mother Nature dictates all, but you may get lucky enough to witness the miracle of life. If not, you will still get a chance to see these newest animals during the Fair’s 11-day run.

Animal Surgical Suite

Veterinarians from the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) will perform live surgeries to show the entire spaying process of a female dog. OVMA Veterinarians will explain everything taking place during the surgery and answer all your questions. This is truly a unique educational experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

This page updated on January 8, 2018