The Oil & Gas Trade Expo

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Oklahoma’s bounty of oil and gas holds the potential to power our state and nation into the 21st century and beyond, and we’re working hard to extend the life of our domestic energy resources. The key to this mission is bringing together the ideas, the innovations and especially the people who will shape the future of our industry. For that purpose, the Oil and Gas Expo was born.

The 2012 Oklahoma Oil and Gas Expo was bigger than ever! With almost 300 exhibitors from 21 states and Canada, this has become the largest oil and gas expo in Oklahoma. The one-day event is full of making contacts, securing agreements and sharing techniques that will make production safer and more efficient than ever.

At SOER, we’re honored to bring Oklahoma’s oil and gas producers together. Because of them, our industry will continue strengthening this state and nation for generations to come.

Event Schedule
Thursday October 03, 2013 9:00am - 4:00pm


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