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Vendor Information

The Oklahoma State Fair is one of the premier State Fairs in North America. In part, this success is clearly a result of the participation of the best exhibitors, concessionaires and attractions in the industry. 

Important News, Dates & Reminders

During any part of the season, it is crucial to be informed of deadlines and respond in a timely manner. Some important dates to remember are highlighted below; however, please review the full document.


  • End of January – Renewal Invitations emailed to eligible exhibitors.
  • March 1 – Last day to renew space by returning signed Invitation AND a 50% deposit; Last day to request full refund with no penalties.
  • Mid-May – Contract Packets mailed to exhibitors.
  • July 5 – Signed Contracts due WITH payment in FULL and ALL required paperwork to reserve space. After this date, partial refunds may be granted ONLY if full space is resold.
  • July 6 – Spaces not reserved by July 7 are subject to cancellation. If the space has not yet been resold and the original vendor is allowed by Oklahoma State Fair, Inc., to reinstate, a progressive scale reinstatement fee (determined by time) will be assessed. Fees start at 5% and climb to 20%, depending on timing of reinstatement.
  • August 1 – Final deadline to place orders for additional services without late fees.
  • August 31 – CHECKS NO LONGER ACCEPTED; Payments will only be accepted by cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit cards.

New Applicants

Applications will be accepted at any time throughout the year; however, everyone is encouraged to apply early in the year for the best possibility of acceptance and space availability. Oklahoma State Fair renewal rates exceed 90%, so early application is key. Please note, at least one photo of the proposed display (or quality drawing, if that’s all you have) must be submitted with the application in order to be considered for space.

If selected to participate as a Commercial Exhibitor, Food Concession or Pay-to-Play Attraction, you will receive a letter of invitation, which includes a specific booth assignment and the cost for the space rental. This letter will also serve as the invoice which should be used when remitting full payment for that space.

Please note: Guidelines and Rates are subject to change without notice at any time.

2017 Guidelines & Rates

Commercial Space (Exhibitor) Online Application

Concession Space (Food Concessions & Pay to Play Attractions) Online Application

Applications are accepted at any time. They are kept on file, so unless information (i.e. contact or products) changes, there is no need to apply annually. Feel free to contact us for assistance updating your application at any time.

Food Concessions and Pay-To-Play Attractions

There are some special requirements that vendors should know when applying to the Oklahoma State Fair, including leasing/using cash registers provided by Oklahoma State Fair and purchasing all products from approved on-site State Fair suppliers. More information on these additional requirements can be found in The HANDBOOK in the forms section. Depending on the time of year, The HANDBOOK may be related to the prior year, while changes are possible, the prior year version should still provide helpful information to anyone seeking to participate at the Oklahoma State Fair.


2017 Forms

On-Site Exhibitor Survival Guide (COMING SOON)

Add-On Services Order Form (COMING SOON)

General Liability SAMPLE Certificate (COMING SOON)

Family of Five or Fewer Workers' Compensation Exempt Statement (COMING SOON)

Workers' Compensation Purchase (COMING SOON)

Credit Card Payment Request Form

Display & Presentation Standards

Product Variance Request Form (COMING SOON)

Oklahoma Tax Commission Special Event Registration (COMING SOON)

Restocking Space Form (COMING SOON)

North RV Lot Reservation Form (COMING SOON)

Beverage Pricing (COMING SOON)

Drawings/Giveaway Request Form (COMING SOON)

RV Park Information



Vendor Supplies

Operating guidelines and pricing information for Oklahoma State Fair's exclusive service vendors and suppliers can be found here. The information will be updated as it is received. 

Information on the 2017 Vendor Supplies is expected to be available in August. 


Information on the 2017 Outdoor Maps will be available in July.

Bennett Event Center

Centennial Building

The Pavilion

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Space Sales:

Suzy Cason
Senior Manager
Space Sales
Office: 405.948.6739 
Fax: 405.948.6720

This page updated on March 23, 2017